Frequently Asked Questions:

Purchase Requirement / Loyalty & Discount Cards:

1) Can I combine my fuel and lubes purchase to meet the P500 minimum required amount to join?
No. you cannot combine fuel and lubes purchase. The system cannot read multiple products so fuel and lubes will have to be punched in and processed separately.
2) Can I purchase and combine two or more lubes SKUs to meet the P500 minimum required amount to join?
Yes. You can purchase more than 1 Lubricant SKU in one transaction in order to meet the P500 minimum required amount to join.
3) Can I still use my discount card (SavePlus etc.) when I join the promo?
Yes, but amount that will be granted promo codes will be the net amount (net of discount).
4) Can I still earn points with my Go Rewards card?
Yes. You can still earn points that come with your Go Rewards or Robinson’s Rewards card.

Sign-up / Promo Code Submission:

1) Is the microsite registration linked to my Facebook log-in?
No, this is an independent microsite within the Caltex website.
2) I am being asked to verify my email after signing up. Is it necessary to verify my email?
Yes. Registration in the microsite will not be complete or considered successful if email is not verified. Also, the Php50 fuel voucher can only be redeemed after email is verified.
3) I signed up in the microsite but didn’t get a fuel voucher.
The Php50 fuel voucher will be given upon registration of the 1st promo code. Signing up in the microsite alone will not entitle you to a Php50 fuel voucher.
4) Where can I locate the promo code?
Promo code is located below the amount of fuel purchased and promo title in the (promo) transaction slip. Note this is a separate slip from the official receipt.
5) My promo code is missing.
The (promo) transaction slip with the promo code will come from the station attendant. This is given together with your official receipt but is printed in a separate slip.
6) Can promo codes be reprinted?
Due to out of paper issue, unclear print or damage print, reprint of promo code can be done but only for the last promo transaction through a supervisor card and OR number. Reprint can only be done for transactions before station performs settlement.
7) Station terminal is offline and I cannot get a promo code.
Customer can contact Customer Service through Caltex’s Facebook page and Customer Service’s email address: Send a clear copy of official receipt with the code written on top by station cashier. Customer Service to provide customer with an offline promo code after validation.
8) Can I submit promo codes through SMS/text or through Customer Service?
No, promo codes can only be submitted through the microsite.
9) There is an error message when I key in the promo code.
Ensure that the promo code is correctly typed (no typo error) and has not been previously submitted. If error message persists, customer can scan the official receipt and (promo) transaction slip and send these via Caltex Facebook page or for back-end validation and tracing.
10) The promo code I entered says “pending validation”.
All promo codes will be validated within a maximum of 48 hours.


1) Is there a purchase requirement before using the fuel voucher?
No, there is no additional purchase requirement.
2) Should I redeem the fuel voucher where I accumulated the promo codes (same store redemption)?
You may redeem the fuel voucher at any participating station nationwide.
3) Can I purchase lubricants using the fuel voucher?
No. You may only purchase Platinum with Techron, Silver with Techron, Diesel with Techron D or Power Diesel with Techron D.
4) How soon can I use my fuel voucher redemption code after I receive it?
You can claim it after a maximum of 48 hours.
5) If the fuel voucher code doesn’t work, who should the station call for assistance?
Station to call Chevron Customer Service to check status of the fuel voucher code. Chevron has system generated exemption and validation reports. Chevron may also require submission of the (promo) transaction slip for audit purposes. Customer Service can be reached through the Caltex Facebook page or email at or call (02) 8867-7710 – Press Option 2.

Other Customer Concerns:

1) Who can I call for any clarifications?
You can visit the Caltex Facebook page or email our Customer Service at or call (02) 8867-7710 – Press Option 2.
2) Where can I see the list of raffle winners?
Winners will be posted in the Caltex website, and the Caltex official Facebook page, Caltex Philippines.